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Bojnice castle

The biggest richness of Bojnice is a romantic fairy-tale Bojnice castle only 100 m located from Privat (Pension) HillFort. The unique appearance of the castle is credited mainly by its last owner Count Jan Frantisek Palffy. During the years 1889-1910 he rebuild the original Bojnice castle imitation French Gothic Castles in valley of the River Loire. The Count Palffy during his life collected also many art objects that currently decorate the interior of the castle. Bojnice castle is due to the fact he became the most visited and most beautiful castle not only in Slovakia but also in Central Europe and we are very happy that we can offer you accommodation in the immediate vicinity – in the Privat HillFort. The big experience is not just a visit the castle but also walking around or to be on one of the great events that Muzeum Bojnice regularly organized. The nearest one is: "EASTER´S WALK THROUGH THE CASTLE 28. 3. - 1. 4. 2013" Come to accommodate to Privat HillFort and spend Easter cognition and relax.

Bojnice ZOO

Bojnice ZOO is located 50 m from Bojnice castle and only 150 m from the Privat HillFort therefore during your stay in us especially in spring and summer you can hear echoes of various species and to be for a moment witness of their daily rituals. Beautiful areal Bojnice Zoo gives you an opportunity to take a walk among the wooded land of Carpathian forest to see almost all types of animals in new exposures and to have a great prospect for Bojnice castle. You will feel very pleasantly here. There are also some funny attracts for children and from the year 2005 serves them children´s contact zoo. The Bojnice Zoo ranks among the zoo general type and now it is trying to focus to endangered species animals. Rearing endangered species animals become as a new commission of modern zoo – it follows on human moral obligation to help these animals and save them for future generations. So come and support with your visit the animals that need it the most.

Bojnice spa

Bojnice spa is located very close to Apartment HillFort (800m) you get there in 15 minutes by walk. Healing treatment procedures in Bojnice Spa is based on natural healing hypotonic thermal water with the temperature from 28 to 52 ºC which rises out of 9 springs. There is also sauna, fitness center, cosmetic salon and massages in Bojnice spa. If you are not interested about such a kind of relax so at least try to go to their areal just for a walk. This place is ideal for a walking and taking a rest. There are three mountains with coniferous tree and greenwood around and that´s the reason of their favorable climatic conditions with average daily temperature 9 ºC and 2000 sunny hours in year. At present it is possible to bath in LD Baník with children for special price. So don´t hesitate and come to accommodate to us. Apartment HillFort is located close to Bojnice spa.

Swimming pool Čajka

Thermal swimming pool Čajka is very close to Apartment HillFort (500 m) and only 400 m from the Bojnice castle. You will love it mainly during the hot summer days when temperature in pools is between 24-34°C. In 2010 have been added newly built stainless pools with many interesting attractions. You can find there pool 50m/1,8 m, recreation pool with wild river, 3 children´s pools and two water slides. Come to accommodate to us also during the summer and hot weather won´t be problem for you. Apartment HillFort is near to swimming pool Čajka so you can go there for refreshment every day.

Museum of Prehistoric Slovakia

Bojnice is considered the most valuable location in Slovakia where the Neanderthal prehistoric man lived. Bojnice also belong to the important Paleolithic sites in Europe. Museum of Prehistoric is therefore justified here. With the meaning and scope it is the only one of its kind in Slovakia. It´s located just 500 meters from the Apartment HillFort in the historic center of Bojnice Prepostska cave. For a nominal entrance fee you can "see" to the time of Neanderthals who lived in the city before 60,000 to 120,000 years ago. In addition, the Museum of Prehistoric offers a wide variety of events for children as well as for adults. The closest prepare for you event called "Easter at the Museum of prehistory of finding chocolate eggs Saturday 30 + Sunday 31 March 2013, from 10:30 to 17:30". Come to stay on Easter to Apartment HillfFort and spend free time relaxing and entertainment.

Parish Church St. Martin Bishop of Tours

Church St. Martin is located about 300 m from the Apartment HillFort in the center of Bojnice. Its foundations date back from the 12th century but finished and consecrated St. Martin was in the years 1370-1380. Since then it has undergone many reconstructions which gave its present look. In year 2007 was also rebuilt romantic Garden of Eden around the church. The Garden of Eden is nice and peaceful place to relax with bushy Lime trees surrounded by a stone wall of historical city walls. Come and stay in Apartment HillFort and visit this beautiful church in the Gothic style whether to attend a church service, wedding or just for showing off and find inner harmony and peace.

Hawkers Aquila and historical fencing group Bojník

Hawkers Aquila have been bringing to visitors of Bojnice experience phenomenal performances predators for several years. They are trying to show people life of birds in their natural environment, their attacks and simulated hunt. But the main aim of Hawkers Aquila is to help the predators in their struggle for survival and it´s not just a farming, promoting the beauty and perfection but also the education of children and youth in relation to nature and protection of raptors, their rehabilitation and research. During the time in Apartment HillFort you will have a definitely time for performance hawkers and fencing as permanent scene-Bojník Aquila is situated just a few meters from the main entrance to the castle Bojnice and hence from our apartment. So come and promote their noble work.

Park around the Bojnice Castle and Linden of King Matthias

Park around the Bojnice castle is planting as natural-landscape park and offers its visitors a pleasant environment for walking and recreation. The first surviving records of a gardener working for the park Bojnice castle are from r. 1910th. Currently are in the park several rare and interesting trees which undoubtedly include the Linden of King Matthias also called the Bojnice Linden. It is a large-leaved linden (Tilia platyphyllos) which has more than 700 years. Linden of King Matthias is rare monuments and botanically important tree and since 1962 has been declared a protected national monument. Feel free to come to stay in Apartment HillFort and enjoy a good time with your partner friends or loved ones in beautiful Bojnice castle in its park or in the center of town Bojnice. To everything you'll reach.